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Botox Is The Most Popular Anti-Aging Treatment In The World

Botox freezes facial muscles, and fillers add fullness to the areas thinned due to ageing.

Botox paralyzes your facial muscles. It is used for the forehead, in between the eyebrows, on the nose, and for eye wrinkles. Injectables are ideal for women who are interested in a non-surgical facelift without having to undergo the knife. When a woman matures in age, folds of skin and wrinkles will form around her face and become more noticeable over time. Finer lines and deep wrinkles develop due to sun exposure, smoking, facial expressions, genetics, and ageing-related breakdowns of the skin.  As a woman matures, her skin slowly loses its tight and smooth appearance. This leads to sagging and rougher skin. A wrinkled face can make a woman look old, tired, and angry. Botox and dermal fillers make you appear full and awake, fresh, and rejuvenated. Botox also prevents wrinkles from forming. Dermal fillers are different types of injectables; however, when used together, they complement each other nicely, resulting in a natural facelift.

Botox and dermal fillers treat different types of wrinkles. Botox stops expression lines from squinting, frowning, and smiling. Meanwhile, dermal fillers fill out the visible wrinkles when the face is at rest, and are used to sculpt the face, adding volume to sunken-in areas, under bags and cheekbones. Additionally, dermal fillers remove lip lines, fill in folds of the skin, jowls, marionette lines, and adds volume. Botox and dermal fillers can be used separately or together. When used together, they will sculpt, tighten, smooth, and eliminate fine lines and deep wrinkles on the face. No one will believe your real age.

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How Much Does Botox Cost?

Every person is unique, and the amount of Botox you need will vary. We need to see patients in person to quote accurately.

What’s The Difference Between Surgical And Non-Surgical?

Non-surgical treatments like Botox and Dermal Fillers (injectables) are affordable, temporary and reversible. Plastic surgery is expensive, permanent and irreversible.

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What Is Botox?

Botox is used to relax and paralyze the facial muscles. This prevents your muscles from squinting and frowning, and because you are no longer able to make expression lines, those lines will eventually smooth out and disappear. Botox preserves the skin and stops new wrinkles from forming. It also prevents your current wrinkles from becoming more pronounced. The aesthetic results are outstanding. Botox is a popular, non-surgical treatment famous for reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Botox contains botulinum toxin, which temporarily paralyzes facial muscles. Within a week of being injected, you will notice the wrinkles on your face gradually start to disappear. Within two weeks of being injected, your lines will have disappeared entirely, and your face will look younger, and your skin smoother, fresher, glowing, and more radiant.

What Areas Does Botox Treat?

You will need Botox injections in different areas. The most popular area for treatment is the forehead. When a woman matures, the most affected area is her forehead. A wrinkled forehead is highly visual and affects the whole of the face. Botox treats wrinkles on the forehead, the small area in between your eyebrows, “bunny lines” on your nose, a pebbled chin, an aging neck (vertical and horizontal lines), crows feet, lip lines and underneath the eyes. Your provider will determine the areas on your face that need attention.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Prominent and deep wrinkles are due to powerful facial muscles. The stronger your muscles, the shorter Botox will last. In general, Botox will last between 3-6 months. Gradually your wrinkles will begin to return, and you will need a top-up 3-4 times a year.


What Shall I Avoid Doing After Botox?

No exercise for 24 hours, and do not rub your face or lie down for 4 hours after treatment. This helps to prevent Botox from moving to other sides of your face, although it’s very rare for that to happen. Ideally, don’t touch your face or sleep on your face for 24 hours.

What Is The Down Side Of Botox?

The great thing about Botox is it delays the aging process and prevents new wrinkles from forming. However, the downside is you will need regular Botox injections until the end of time (meaning, for as long as you want to prevent your wrinkles from coming back)

Is Botox Painful?

No, it does not hurt. When a needle is injected underneath the skin, you are most likely going to feel something, like a tiny sting or a sharp pinch. But the needles used for Botox are incredibly small and painless.

Your practitioner will ask if you would like to numb the area first with an anesthetic cream or a cold pack. Even without numbing, the pain is minimal.