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We only recommend the best dermatologist San Diego has to offer. Whether you’re heading across the bridge to the beaches of Coronado, playing Frisbee in Balboa Park, or heading to your favorite dining spot in the Gaslight District, the people of San Diego like to enjoy all that the city and surrounding areas have to offer. They also like to stay active and participate in youthful activities.

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When people want to look and feel youthful, they turn to anti-wrinkle injections. That’s because nothing helps reverse the telltale signs of aging and makes their facial skin look rejuvenated and refreshed than Botox. Here’s why: as we age, our skin loses some of its elasticity, as the ultraviolet light from the sun and environmental pollutants destroy the collagen that gives skin its smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.

Botox Cosmetic is approved by the FDA and is injected into the skin, helping to temporarily stop facial muscles from moving, which results in a much smoother skin by eliminating wrinkles. It’s made from the Botulinum toxin type A and works to visibly improve the overall appearance of aging. When expertly injected the signs of aging disappear and patients enjoy a more youthful and attractive appearance, resulting in a natural facelift without any of the downtime or side effects of major surgery.

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In addition to creating a more youthful complexion and appearance, Botox provides natural-looking changes. There is no discomfort or downtime, no anesthesia, and best of all, you will reverse the signs of aging and will enjoy long-lasting results.  You won’t experience the pain and downtime that you’d experience with a surgical facelift.

Botox helps to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that detract from your appearance and make you look older. When applied by an expert practitioner, these anti-wrinkle injections can help treat almost every area of the face and neck.

botox san diego

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No stitches, No scalpels, No Anaesthesia, No Downtime, Just Results
botox san diego

Botox San Diego

Botox helps to produce what many call a natural facelift, it can be injected under the eyes for bags, eye wrinkles, and for lines around the eyes, around the mouth and can also be used for lip lines, laugh lines, and smile lines. Botox can also treat jowls, forehead lines, and a sagging neck. Neck Botox uses more involved Botulinum toxin injections. How much is Botox? each individual is unique and each treatment must be assessed prior to quoting a price. We only recommend the best dermatologist San Diego has to offer. Prices do vary by clinics, the number of injections needed, and the condition of your skin. Our clinics are qualified to treat each patient with the utmost care and produce the best results for each case. To get a personal quote we highly recommend calling and making an appointment.

Each patient’s needs are different. To schedule your evaluation and to discuss your individualized treatment plan, call us today.

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